new e-journal: Literary Geographies

A new open-access e-journal Literary Geographies is under construction:

Literary Geographies is an interdisciplinary open-access e-journal designed to support and encourage collaboration in the area of literary/geographical studies. Set up in response to the rapid expansion of work in literary geography in recent years, Literary Geographies is a refereed journal designed to provide a platform for work that combines themes and methods from literary studies, cultural geography, cartography and spatial theory. Recognising that the term ‘literary geography’ itself (along with its variants in other languages) has multiple meanings and is practised in a variety of ways within different academic traditions, the journal takes a broad view of its subject matter. The journal was founded and is currently managed by an editorial collective whose members have primary affiliations in literary studies, geography, and area studies and are variously based in the UK, Finland, and Japan. It welcomes submissions from scholars at all career stages and from all parts of the world; it also actively encourages the submission of English-language versions of work previously available only in other languages.

Editorial Collective:

Neal Alexander (The University of Nottingham, UK), David Cooper (Manchester Metropolitan University, UK), Sheila Hones (The University of Tokyo, Japan), James Kneale (University College London, UK), Juha Ridanpää (University of Oulu, Finland)


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