May 23rd 2013 updates

Two new citations just added  —

Dhussa, Ramesh. 2008. “Literary and Humanistic Geography in India.” In Explorations In Applied Geography, 71–87.
McCleery, Alison. 2004. “So Many Glasgows: From ‘personality of Place’ to ‘positionality in Space and Time’.” Scottish Geographical Journal 120 (1-2): 3–18.

This paper investigates place and positionality in the regional novel against a background of evolving trends in geographical scholarship of place and placelessness. In re‐examining the representation of Glasgow in the urban regional novel, it proposes that a qualitative difference exists between rural and urban epistemologies which relates to the profoundly temporal essence of ‘cityness’. Aspects of both multi‐dimensionality in urban time‐space and of the city as the locus for working‐class oppression are reviewed in the context of a selection of urban imaginings.

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