new in litgeog & mapping

A new citation in literary geography and mapping — Wilkens, M. 2011. “Geolocation Extraction and Mapping of Nineteenth-Century US Fiction.” Corpus 80 (100): 1–11.

1. Introduction

2. Experimental

3. Results

4. Discussion

5. Conclusions

6. Future Work

7. References


from ‘discussion’: “we observe a wide but shallow focus around the country and the world, coupled with a deep, narrow exploration of a relatively small set of urban areas. Most of these deep explorations are of cities highly populated and long important both in fiction and outside it. Some of them are also major publishing centers, a fact that surely distorts the content of the books they produce. . . ”

from ‘conclusions’: “The results presented here are the first full-scale examination of geographic trends in nineteenth century U.S. fiction and one of the first uses of text mining on a literary corpus too large to read closely. The data provide preliminary support for a link between population and density of literary locations in the United States, with much weaker correlation in Europe and no evidence of correlation in the rest of the world. This fact in turn supports an implied relationship between conventional sites of literary representation, the distribution of literary markets for the texts in question, and the geographic imagination of ongoing literary production.”

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