updates: litgeog & tourism

Seven new citations added today to the literary geography and tourism page —

Amoamo, Maria. 2013. “(de)Constructing Place-Myth: Pitcairn Island and the ‘Bounty’ Story.” Tourism Geographies 15 (1): 107–124.

Dolin, Tim. 2012. “Who Belongs Where in The Woodlanders?” Modern Language Quarterly 73 (4) (December 1): 545–568.

Hawkes, L. 2012. “Walking the Coleridge Way :  Using Cultural Tourism to Change Perceptions of Somerset After the Foot and Mouth Epidemic of 2001”. Journal Article. Social Alternatives.

Lee, C. 2012. “‘Have Magic, Will Travel’: Tourism and Harry Potter’s United (Magical) Kingdom.” Tourist Studies 12 (1) (April 1): 52–69.

Light, D. 2012. The Dracula Dilemma: Tourism, Identity and the State in Romania. Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

Peraldo, E. 2012. “Narrative Cartography in the Eighteenth Century: Defoe’s Exploration of Great Britain in the Tour.” Narratives of Travel and Tourism: 97.

Sanders, J. 2012. “Stratfordian Perambulations; or, Walking with Shakespeare.” Critical Survey 24 (2): 39–53.


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