updates: litgeog: sf/fantasy

Five new citations added today to the literary geography: sf/fantasy page —

Abbott, C. 2012. “Rocky Mountain Refuge: Constructing ‘Colorado’ in Science Fiction.” 2012. Science Fiction Studies 39 (2) (July): 221–242.

Carroll, S. 2012. “Imagined Nation.” Extrapolation 53 (3) (January 1): 307–326.

• “This essay analyzes the representation of place and its relationship to personal and national identity in Neil Gaiman’s American Gods.”

Curry, A. 2012. “‘The Pale Trees Shook, Although No Wind Blew, and It Seemed to Tristran That They Shook in Anger’: ‘blind Space’ and Ecofeminism in a Post-colonial Reading of Neil Gaiman and Charles Vess’s Graphic Novel Stardust (1998).” Barnboken – Journal of Children’s Literature Research 33 (2) (May 15).

Ekman, S. 2013. Here Be Dragons: Exploring Fantasy Maps and Settings. Wesleyan University Press.

• “Stefan Ekman provides a wide-ranging survey of the ubiquitous fantasy map as the point of departure for an in-depth discussion of what such maps can tell us about what is important in the fictional worlds and the stories that take place there.”

Vint, S. 2012. “Orange County: Global Networks in Tropic of Orange.” Science Fiction Studies 39 (3) (November): 401–414.


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